Get Sleep Spray to Turn on the Slumber

Popular interest is increasing over products like melatonin spray, and where to buy sleep spray in the market. Where to buy sprayable sleep is being asked about, as it may be a better approach to get sleep spray than to take melatonin pills:

…Research overwhelmingly indicates that the artificial light emanating from the various screens in our increasingly digital lives has served to significantly alter our body’s ability to manufacture the sleep-inducing chemical melatonin. As a result, the more time we spend staring at our laptops, iPads, and yes – cell phones, the harder it is for us to naturally get a good night’s rest. And while sleeping pills can put us out for the night, they often leave groggy and sluggish the next morning.

This, explains Sprayable co-founder and onetime Harvard Biochemistry student Benjamin Yu, is the result of pills needing up to three hundred times the melatonin necessary for a good night’s sleep in order to pass through our liver’s filtration system with enough of the chemical left over to do its job. With that in mind, and himself suffering from an excess of screen time, Yu, a former Thiel Fellowship grantee, and his colleagues have created what they claim is the first topical melatonin spray – one that is more effective than pills, despite having to thirty times less melatonin. Just point, spray, and soon it’s nighty night.

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