How Long Does it Take to Become a Social Worker, Then a Politician?

Curated political note on a primary campaign, with one candidate's backgroound posing the question of how long does it take to become a social worker, in the scheme of obtaining higher office:

Karrie Delaney, Hannah Risheq and John Carey are competing in the Democratic primary for a House of Delegates seat in Fairfax County.

In these anti-establishment times in which Democrats still stunned by Donald Trump's surprise election to the presidency are searching for newness, Risheq is bringing up a potential negative about Delaney: She was registered as a Republican in Florida, where she previously lived.

House District 67 is held by moderate Republican Del. James M. LeMunyon of Fairfax.  the district, which includes part of Loudoun County, went to Democrat Hillary Clinton in last year's presidential race. She won 58 percent of in-person voters, according to the Virginia Public Access Project. Though turnout is much higher in a presidential election - boosting Democrats - whoever wins the Democratic primary will be gunning to upset LeMunyon, who's held the seat since 2010.

It's the female candidates who've been getting the most attention in the June 13th primary.

Delaney, 38, is a community activist and formerly worked for a nonprofit dedicated to ending sex trafficking. She's been endorsed by U.S. Rep. Gerry Connolly, D-11th and numerous state and local Democratic officials and has a solid ground game of volunteers for door-knocking and phone calls.

Delaney leads Democratic fundraising with $85,942 to $12,922 for Carey and $5,437 for Risheq as of the latest filing, according to VPAP.

Risheq, 25, a first-generation American of Arab and Jewish descent, was mentioned in an April story in Time about a new generation of grassroots Democratic candidates and was featured in a Huffpost story in April with the headline, "The Resistance gave birth to a girl and her name is Hannah Risheq."

Risheq recently earned a master's degree in social work and social policy from Columbia University - her second master's degree. She said she'd love to work in a bipartisan fashion in the General Assembly, but noted that she grew up in the Obama era when Congress refused to operate that way following passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010.

She said Democratic primary voters aren't aware Delaney was once a registered Republican.

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